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Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 in Toronto

Event Camp Twin Cities 2011
Event Camp Twin Cities!

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Event Camp Twin Cities is an innovation lab for events. We experiment with crazy ideas, formats and technologies, so meeting planners don’t need to take the risks themselves.
For some of you, this event will be an opportunity to share some of your success stories and failures with social media, virtual events, mobile technology and innovation. While others will have an opportunity to learn about these new social technologies and innovative formats and try them in a risk free environment.

If we have done our job right, meeting planners will go home and say: “Yes, I have now seen how hybrid event technology, social media and new collaborative formats can transform events. Yes, we could try ________ at our event. We may not be able to do it without help – but yes we could do it. AND, we could do it 10 times better than those crazy people at Event Camp Twin Cities.”
What's New for 2011
Our 2010 event generated a lot of interest and excitement. For 2011, we hope to take things to another level. (program). Here are 5 new things for 2011:
    1- Integrated Gaming: Gaming is a hot idea in events. In 2010, attendees participated in a one hour collaborative business game session. For 2011, we are building the entire event on a series of interactive challenges that are tied to the content.2- Social Learning at the Campfire: Most of what we learn comes from colleagues and just-in-time learning sources. For 2011, we are structuring the event sessions, gaming and whitespace to encourage you to teach and learn from each other. 3- Full Throttle Content: With 20 Content sessions centered on virtual/hybrid, innovation, social media and mobile technology - you will be exposed to fresh ideas, implementation strategies, hot technologies and relevant case studies.
    4- New Ideas in the Event Innovation Sandbox: Innovation in events is popping up all over the place. Our Event Innovation Sandbox will spotlight several new and innovative technologies that are starting to appear in events.
    5- Podapalooza: Experimenting with hybrid events and two-way engagement is a hallmark of ECTC. Nine people approached us to volunteer to organize Pods on our behalf in their cities across the US, Canada and Europe. Our commitment to them is to engage their attendees in the event and make sure that they feel like an important part of our ECTC Community.
This event is going to be a ton of fun. We hope to see you in Minneapolis in August!
The Official Event Camp Twin Cities website: http://eventcamptwincities.com

New To Event Camp Twin Cities?

Event Camp Twin Cities is an innovation lab for event professionals. Here are five press articles about Event Camp Twin Cities that do an excellent job of painting a picture of what happened in 2010 and what this event is about:

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