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Friday, September 16, 2011, 6:30 PM
Carrie Young   Raindance Canada  720 Bathurst, 3rd floor, Meeting Room 4, Toronto, ON (map)
Selected By: Carrie Young  Price: CAD5.00/per person

 Hi, all you filmmakers, social networkers, bloggers, video-game makers, new media creators, innovators, publishers, etc. and transmedia peeps! It is time for our next transmedia meetup and this one is a little short notice but we suddenly have the opportunity to have Adipat Virdi offer to speak with us and we jumped at the chance to do it while he is with us during TIFF. And I promise the next one (in November) will have much more advanced notice.
Adipat will be presenting his exciting project, SEARCHING, was one of the finalist for the Sundance New Frontier StoryLab. The details are below. And of course, while we have a speaker, a big focus will be the chance to talk to everyone during the meetup!
Special thanks to Tiska and Raindance Canada for supporting us in the use of their space. Please get familiar with this great organization and asset to Toronto's film community. They rock!!!
We plan to have many meetups in the future: some meetups with speakers, some strictly for mingling, and others with fun and informative activities as well as giving the community opportunity to speak about their projects.
It is really important to Siobhan and I that we keep the barrier of entry to these meetups low as we want everyone to be able to participate in them and feel welcome. That being said, we also want to honour the work of Transmedia professionals and treat them as such, which means paying them a modest honorarium for speaking. So we have decided to keep the mingle meetups free but when there is a speaker we are asking for a mere $5 to contribute to honouring their time and the sharing of their craft with us. This is the cost of two cups of coffee. And trust me, Adipat will need as much caffeine as possible after his jaunt at TIFF and Toronto.
So we will be collecting $5 at the door CASH ONLY.
And please RVSP as soon as possible because seating is limited to 30.
And as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, considerations, etc.
Adipat Virdi has now written and produced various projects, key amongst these is a Transmedia Project, SEARCHING, to raise awareness and highlight the issues around honour-based crimes. The project includes a film, novel and ARG and was a finalist for the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab.
He has subsequently set up Maaji Productions to develop media and entertainment ideas with the philosophy of creating socially responsible projects that nurture new talent and create innovative opportunities. Alongside Maaji, he has set up and run Transmediology ( as a community of Transmedia experts and consultancy hub for designing experiences, engaging audiences and managing communities within brands and storyworlds. This runs alongside the FB group (of the same name) which is aspiring to become a hub for practitioners in the field.
His presentation will cover:
*His project: SEARCHING: the Story and the Storyworld
*Learning from TIFF and the future of Transmedia in the film industry
*Transmedia and the European perspective Vs. A global understanding.
BIO: Adipat Virdi was born in Nairobi and brought up in London, England, where he studied architecture and practiced Socio-Spatial Analysis before changing career to write and make films. Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, he picked up qualifications that included Creative Writing, an MA in Screenwriting, and MA in Design, Strategy and Innovation. He really is passionate about using Transmedia as a conduit for engendering social change

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