Tuesday, 11 October 2011

BlackBerry services hit with technical glitches for a second day

BlackBerry services hit with technical glitches for a second dayTue Oct 11 2011
BlackBerry users experienced technical glitches with their smartphones for a second day after an unexplained problem cut off Internet and messaging services Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
The new round of troubles on Tuesday involved the BlackBerry’s popular messaging service which was not fully operational, with multiple users reporting issues in sending and receiving messages.
Angry smartphone users posted on Twitter to vent frustration with the company and bemoan the loss of their messaging capabilities, questioning why the company took so long to restore services.
A spokeswoman for Research in Motion Ltd. which makes the BlackBerry devices, was not immediately able to comment.

RIM has about 70 million BlackBerry subscribers around the world.
The latest round of technical problems come as shareholder Jaguar Financial Corp. increased pressure on the smartphone maker Tuesday to either sell or split up the company and shake up management.
Vic Alboini, chairman and chief executive of Toronto-based Jaguar, said a total of 12 institutional shareholders including Jaguar are calling for changes at the company. Together they own about eight per cent of the BlackBerry maker’s stock, he said.
Alboini noted that the other shareholders don’t want to be named publicly at this time.
The head of Jaguar said the changes that are being pushed for at RIM won’t happen quickly.
“I suspect this is not going to be a sprint,” Alboini said. “This is going to be a marathon.”
He said appointing an independent chairperson to RIM’s board of directors would be the most immediate change that could happen. It would take five of the nine directors to appoint a new chairperson.
As for the technical problems RIM is experiencing, he said it happens from time to time with technology companies and won’t have an effect on his campaign.
“All companies get bugs and have issues so I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to zero in on RIM,” he said.
“If it became a critical issue that could not be fixed, and it was evidence of a totally broken situation, that’s different.”
The glitches with the messaging feature of the smartphones came after RIM said late Monday that services were fully operational and the unexplained issue responsible for delays in subscriber services had been resolved.
“The issue was resolved and services are operating normally,” the Waterloo, Ont, company said in a statement.
However, problems persisted on Tuesday with several European carriers responding to customer concerns about the outage.
In Britain, Vodafone UK told customers via Twitter that service was not fully restored. T-Mobile UK blamed “a European-wide outage on the BlackBerry network” which it said was affecting all mobile operators.
Etisalat, in the United Arab Emirates, apologized for “the further interruption” to Blackberry services, “once again due to RIM problems.”
Kenya’s Safaricom Ltd. said on Twitter that its Blackberry customers were experiencing a “technical fault” and apologized for any inconvenience.
RIM faces major hurdles as it deals with mounting competition in the smartphone market and the growing speculation among analysts and industry experts that its days of rapid growth are behind it.
RIM was once worth about $70 billion and has, from time to time, been Canada’s most valuable company. Today it has a market value of about $12 billion or so and shareholders have complained about its lagging stock price and corporate leadership.
RIM did not give an explanation for the glitch that occurred on Monday, but some telecommunications companies in the Middle East and Europe laid the blame at the Canadian company’s door.
Among the companies reporting problems at that time were Qtel Qatar, Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai-based Du, Zain Kuwait and Bahrain Telecommunications Co.

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