Friday, 16 March 2012

Grace TV Coming to Toronto

Grace TV Coming to Toronto

The Grace Television Network is moving to Toronto.
Its move from St Catharines to Toronto is intended to simplify the specialty service’s day to day operation, while making the channel’s headquarters more easily accessible to guests and visitors.
Since World Impact Ministries (WIM) purchased The Christian Channel in June 1st, 2009, and changed its name to Grace TV, it has grown to become Canada's largest 24/7 provider of Christian TV-programming reaching 60% of Canadian households.

Peter Youngren, President and CEO of Grace TV, says, “This move is inspiring because the facility in North York will also provide the opportunity to work with the large Christian community in Canada’s largest city. Plus Toronto is the most visited city in Canada, so we expect that more partners and friends from across the nation will have occasion to visit our new headquarters.”
The company is currentlyy renovating the premises of Toronto International Celebration Church (TICC) at 190 Railside Road to accommodate its needs, he added.
“In order to have a strong place in Canadian media, Grace TV decisively continues in the path it chose in 2009 – Grace TV provides Christian programming that viewers consider relevant. Since the channel was purchased from The Christian Channel in June 2009, Grace TV has grown phenomenally,” added Nathan Thurber, channel’s COO. He continues, “The media department operates fully in Toronto at the beginning of April, while the entire transition time is six months. We believe the synergy between Grace TV and its affiliates will benefit from this move.”
Rogers in Toronto and Cogeco in the Niagara region carry Grace TV.

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