Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mobile startup TO , will host Instamatch April 4, 2012

InstaMatch iPhone/iPad App - Uptown Edition
The Work Republic 1041 McNicoll Ave, Scarborough,
Price: CAD5.00/per person
Our first brave volunteer for this experiment is Robleh Jama. Robleh's company, Tiny Hearts, recently launched an Instagram-based concentration matching game called InstaMatch. In this session, he'll talk about:

* The importance of your app idea and how to put together an all-star team to execute it
* The importance of UX/Design and throughly testing the app until it is super polished. Aim for MPP in the shortest amount of time (Maximum Polished Product)
* How he got TechCrunch, TechVibes, TUAW,, Kotaku, Revision 3 and other media outlets to cover the launch of his app
* What he plans to do in the future with InstaMatch

Suggested readings:
InstaMatch Website:

Press: /instamatch-turns-instagram-into-a-game/
  app judgment (video review at 1:43)

iTunes App Store Page:

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