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ATN Planning New Multi Channel Broadcast Centre

ATN Planning New Multi Channel Broadcast Centre
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Specialty channel operator Asian Television Network (ATN) is planning to boot up a new multi-channel master control centre when its new Broadcast Centre opens in June.
Digital media asset management, HD signal routing and control, as well as future expansion are key factors to be addressed with the new facility’s infrastructure.

ATN currently serves Canada's Asian community with 34 premium specialty television channels, including a general interest service, several Bollywood movie channels, sports channels, news channels, music channels, a lifestyle channel, spiritual channel and several Regional Language channels.
ATN also operates a South Asian radio service 24 hours a day on XM across the United States and Canada, and it delivers South Asian content on Bell Mobility.
Harris Broadcast Communications and systems integration company Broadcast Systems & Equipment (BSE) are working together to bring the project to completion as ATN transitions to HDTV and prepares for continued expansion.
The new master control center, part of facilities in Markham, ON, will be integrated by BSE. It will include a complete Harris infrastructure and workflow solution to support the current line-up and help ATN efficiently add new channels.
ATN recently reported its financial status at the end of 2011, with a net income of $5.3 Million on revenues of $28 million.
"Our new Broadcast Centre is being configured for growth, and the state-of-the-art technology designed for our master control is central to our multi-channel vision," Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN, said in a release, adding that the master control will have the ability to expand from 40 to 100 channels. The company will more than double its floor space and upgrade many aspects of operations when it moves to the new broadcast centre.
The Harris solution includes routers, multi-viewers; signal processing, test and measurement, servers, graphics, automation and digital asset management equipment.
"Asian Television Network serves a dedicated viewership of diverse cultures and communities across Canada, and its continued growth requires a stable technology solution at its foundation," said Don Bezenar, vice president of sales for Canada, Harris Broadcast Communications. "Our solutions-oriented approach precisely meets ATN's goals of informing and entertaining viewers while supporting future expansion. It is a pleasure to work with BSE in bringing this project to fruition for this important customer."

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