Tuesday, 10 April 2012

bambuser users are asking to share their user experience

Let Associated Press contact you about newsworthy content
More and more Bambuser users are utilizing their handheld devices to capture news stories to share on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Starting now, any Bambuser user can also reach a global audience through AP's worldwide network of news organizations.

We think the people with the best view of any breaking news event are citizens with Bambuser in the right place at the right time. What we've seen lately is the increasing impact of user generated content contributing to the major media stories.

"User generated content has become integral to covering breaking news, particularly where access is restricted. As a global newsgathering organization in more than 300 locations worldwide, AP has the expertise to verify it, and to add context via our own reporting."
- Mark Davies, AP Deputy Director of International Video
AP can access and use Bambuser content it vets, verifies and considers newsworthy. As part of the arrangement with Bambuser, AP will also explore the use of Bambuser’s live video platform as a news-gathering tool for AP journalists.
Bambuser users can let AP distribute their content with full credit, to all media globally, by agreeing to AP's terms of use through the Settings on the Bambuser Dashboard. If you want to learn more, please read our blog post with FAQ.

Require login for your chat
If you want to allow chat messages and comments only from users who are logged in, you can now enable this on your Dashboard. In the right column, under Settings and Customize your player, you can check Require login.
This can give you more control over who participates in your chat, and makes moderation more powerful.

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