Friday, 6 April 2012

Samsung gears up for retail rollout in Canada

Samsung gears up for retail rollout in Canada

Apr 2, 2012 – 8:51 PM ET | Last Updated: Apr 4, 2012 10:05 AM ET
 Samsung Electronics Canada plans to open several retail outlets throughout the country this year as the Korean electronics giant looks to follow in the footsteps of rivals Sony Corp. and Apple Inc. by creating a more direct relationship with consumers.

The new Samsung stores are part of a larger retail strategy for the company that will also include special Samsung-branded “Experience Zones” and “store-within-a-store” kiosks inside certain electronics and partner stores that will feature the company’s products, including televisions, mobile phones tablets and appliances.
Although Samsung officials are still ironing out the final details of the retail rollout — including the exact locations of the first Samsung stores and which partner companies will receive in-store Samsung zones — the company plans to open the first stand-alone Samsung-branded retail outlet later this year.
For Samsung, the retail push is the company’s latest move to establish itself as a premium electronics brand, an evolution that has been greatly facilitated by the company’s ascension in the smartphone and tablet markets thanks to its partnership with Google Inc.’s Android software.
The broader retail strategy is part of a global movement by the company to expand its presence with consumers. Last week, Samsung opened one of its store-within-a-store kiosks in the United Kingdom, partnering with retailer Phones 4u on London’s Oxford Street.
 In Canada, the company has already begun testing the store-within-a-store concept with Telus Corp.
“We definitely want consumers to experience the Samsung brand in a way that they have not experienced it before,” Samsung Electronics Canada president James Politeski said in an interview.
“We want them to see everything that Samsung can bring to them … we want to give consumers the opportunity to experience the brand and the products in a way that they’ve never seen before, that really takes that experience up.”
All of the retail outlets will follow a specific set of design guidelines and Samsung will train the employees who staff each location, but the company plans to outsource the actual operation of its Samsung-branded retail outlets to third-party companies. Both Sony and Apple own and operate their respective retail outlets.
“The reality is, at the end of the day, this is about the consumer’s experience with our brand,” Mr. Politeski said

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