Friday, 13 April 2012

Torstar's Star Media Launches Daily Online Newsletter for Provincial Politics

Torstar's Star Media Launches Daily Online Newsletter for Provincial Politics

A new daily online newsletter promises insight and information into all things political at Queen’s Park.QP Briefing has been lauched by Star Media, a division of the Toronto Star, and it wil feature a team of reporters to gather and disseminate news that matters most to political and government insiders and specialists, including regulated companies and industry associations.

The dedicated team will present news on the status of government legislation, policies, programs and committee meetings, as well as daily updates on key players on the provincial scene - from MPPs to lobbyists, stakeholders and interest groups.
Subscriptions to the online newsletter opened today. QP Briefing was first created in 2010 as a bi-weekly e-mail product and became a bi-weekly online newsletter in May 2011.
QP Briefing is published by the Toronto Star Intelligence Unit, a division of Star Media Group, which is led by its flagship product, the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper.
Torstar also announced that Tomer Strolight is leaving Torstar Digital to pursue a unique leadership opportunity with a new venture.

Chris Goodridge has been named Acting President of Torstar Digital. Goodridge joined Torstar in 2004 and has been involved with Torstar Digital since 2006 in a variety of business development roles and most recently as the division's Vice President and CFO.
"QP Briefing is for people who care about and need to know what's going on at Queen's Park and throughout the provincial bureaucracy," said Greg Crone, managing editor of QP Briefing. "It will provide original and unique news and information that people who care about our provincial ministries and government operations can use."
Crone has extensive experience both inside and outside the Ontario government, having served as a senior communications adviser to the Attorney General of Ontario and the Minister of Economic Development. Previously he was senior writer and associate press secretary to Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty from 2000 to 2003. He has also worked as a business reporter at the National Post and as a Queen's Park reporter for the Waterloo Region Record.
Star Media Group has interests in print and digital media, led by its flagship property, the Toronto Star. In addition, Star Media Group includes,,, Torstar Syndication Services, The Grid city magazine, Sway magazine and The Canadian Immigrant. Star Media Group also includes the majority-owned Metro free daily newspapers in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg and London, and the jointly-owned Chinese language daily newspaper Sing Tao. Star Media Group is a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation.

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