Tuesday, 22 May 2012

IAB canada real time bidding event may22

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 @iabcanada  may22 real time bidding event
IAB Canada’s RTB Event will look at how all parts of the Canadian ecosystem can successfully leverage the RTB environment to their advantage, in three separate streams of customized information to address Publishers, Advertisers/Agencies and Data Provider issues, in addition to industry-leading keynote speakers.
• Publishers – Learn how to make real-time inventory “biddable”, how to evaluate exchanges and SSPs, how to maximize yield and much more!
• Agencies + Advertisers – Learn how to evaluate Agency Trading Desks/DSPs, Best Practices in RTBTargeting, Brand vs. Direct strategies and more!
• Data Providers – Tagging 101, First + Third-Party Data Streams, Audience Modelling
great video from improve digital and Mediamath about Real Time advertising
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