Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Toronto OneAPI Jun 6

Toronto OneAPI Gateway - Presentation
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Wednesday, Jun 6, 2012: 6:30 - 9:30 pm OCAD, 100 McCaul Street
AGENDA 6:30 pm Registration, Refreshments and Networking
7:00 pm Panel - An Introduction to GSMA OneAPI Gateway
 Speakers: Representatives from Rogers, Telus, GSMA & TNS (TBC)
8:00 pm Break Out Sessions for Business and Technical Tracks
9:30 pm Close
APIs: Here’s Where it Gets Interesting! An introduction to the GSMA Canadian OneAPI Gateway
It's the Year of the API - they're everywhere giving you access to more services and more content than you could do on your own, including from the carriers with their secret behind the scenes sauce, that is now opening up to you through various network APIs. Where things get really interesting are the 'cross carrier plays' - and we are pleased to announce that Canada is the first country to get their carriers working together – this is a big deal! Bell, Rogers and TELUS have teamed together to make it easier for you to develop your mobile app or campaigns! What?! Yes, it’s true, the GSMA OneAPI Gateway is now commercial. It means access to more subscribers, easier development, less paperwork, more time to be creative and focus on your customers.
Break Out Sessions:
1) Business Track:  For Marketing and Product Development
I have iTunes, Google Play, Twillio, GPS - what does OneAPI do for me and what can I do with it?  If you’re wondering about these things then we have some answers for you.  Imagine the business opportunities of being able to bill for your content and app features through your users phone bill and get paid by the carrier.  How about being able to track a bunch of users without their app having to talk to your server - what kind of new games and features could you build?  OneAPI opens up all this and more.  Come and discuss your plans with our business experts and let us help you build more now!
2) Technical Track:  For Developers Developers, do you have oAuth nailed?  Do you know your Secret from your ID?  Do you know what to do with an access token?  Then you probably know enough already - otherwise our experts are standing by to show you all the steps you need to get from signing up for OneAPI Gateway to building and deploying your first apps.

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