Saturday, 9 June 2012

Toronto's Pinshoppr Brings E-Commerce to Pinterest in Beautiful Fashion

Toronto's Pinshoppr Brings E-Commerce to Pinterest in Beautiful Fashion

There have been many Canadian startups looking to make Silicon Valley's Pinterest better—particularly out of Toronto. Pinerly is one example. Pinshoppr is another.
Soft-launched out of Exponential Labs, Pinshoppr is an attempt to transform Pinterest into an e-commerce platform. It's only a week old but Alyson Shontell over at Business Insider has already called it "the best solution we've seen yet."

Pinshoppr pulls in the top pins on Pinterest and crossreferences them against more than 250 e-commerce sites. It targets "legitimate" sites, aiming never to refer you to a blog or other Web dead-end where you can't actually make a purchase. It slaps the price, product details, and a link to the original store page on every item so shoppers can buy immediately. They can also save images to purchase later or share them with friends. Pinshoppr allows users to browse buyable pins based on color, product or brand. All items show who pinned the products on Pinterest and related products too. Because the products come straight from Pinterest's most popular pin list, they're all beautiful and keep the Pinterest feel on products.
CEO Sanjay Arora takes the praise in stride. He told Alyson that his team is "just a group of guys and girls self-funded on passion and hope." Staying modest desite the early esteem, Sanjay says, "like everyone else, we're just trying to make it."
Currently, Pinshoppr is simply an image and e-commerce search engine, which means it's pretty and useful but doesn't generate a dime of revenue or a penny of profit. However, the Canadian startup does claim to have monetization plans—though Sanjay declined to elaborate.

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