Saturday, 28 July 2012

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ABC raising audit rates, undergoing rebranding
26 July 2012, TORONTO

ABC raising audit rates, undergoing rebranding
ABC is raising its audit rates by 3% effective with Dec. 31, 2012-ending audits, the first such increase since the beginning of 2007 according to the organization.

That's part of a summary of July board actions from ABC, which also outlines guideline updates for business publication CMRs as well as policy changes relating to single-copy combination sales for consumer titles.

ABC is also undergoing a brand refresh, as the board "believes the ABC brand no longer reflects the organization's strategic direction and mission in today's complex multimedia environment."

The new branding will "reflect and reinforce the organization's tripartite membership, gold-standard legacy and progress as a multimedia auditor." A membership vote will be cast in late summer, with results announced in the fall.

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