Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Debbie Horovitch: Meetup to discuss SM uses by job seekers

Meetup to discuss SM uses by job seekers

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Open office hours for Social Sparkle & Shine, The Sparkle Agency, Sparkle Media > discussing job seeking and job hunting for social media and marketing professionals in transition.

NOTICE: This meetup is moving to virtual and will be on Google+ Hangouts on Air. If you want to register to participate, please email [masked]

Come out for an informal, unplanned chat regarding your business and how we can work together:
  • helping your consumer or B2B business with coaching on using social media marketing
  • helping your social media service or platform business with marketing to business owners and advertising agencies
  • helping market you, your cause/message or business on one of our many Sparkle channels on Twitter
  • internships for marketing/PR/arts students and professionals in transition
  • adding your business or service to our roster of preferred partners
Debbie Horovitch

Social Media Concierge

Social Sparkle & Shine

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