Friday, 21 September 2012

BlackBerry reports service outage in Europe, Mideast, Africa

BlackBerry reports service outage in Europe, Mideast, Africa
By The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – 1 hour 12 minutes ago.. .
LONDON - BlackBerry is reporting an outage affecting users in Europe, Middle East and Africa — interrupting service for customers on the very day Apple unveiled its hot new iPhone 5.
BlackBerry announced the issues in postings on Facebook and Twitter today, and says it is urgently working to fix the troubles.
BlackBerry, made by Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM (TSX:RIM), says it apologizes to customers for the inconvenience caused.
The outage brings up unpleasant memories of troubles with emails and chat messages last year that left users bereft for three days.
In Canada and the United States, the outage was shorter, but many of the world's 70 million BlackBerry users were affected.
The timing could not have been worse as lines formed outside of Apple stores in Britain and elsewhere today as the new iPhone 5 went on sale.

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