Friday, 7 September 2012

How mobile can humanize artificial intelligence – with ExpertMaker co-founder Lars Hard

How mobile can humanize artificial intelligence – with ExpertMaker co-founder Lars Hard

Artificial Intelligence conjures up images of neural networks, HAL, thermonuclear war and inexplicable complexity for most – myself included. Then trying to figure out how to bring this concept into the average business – distilling it down to a level where it can augment revenue or customer satisfaction – means it will never move forward unless there is a simple first step to be had. Is AI too complicated for the average business? Lars Hard, co-founder of artificial intelligence company ExpertMaker, doesn’t think so. We simply have to readjust our viewpoint.

Mobile has ushered in a new emphasis on artificial intelligence – brought to the mass market by SIRI and other similar products – but this isn’t where it stops. We are just entering this world (thanks in part to the powerful computers we carry in our pockets), one that requires us to shed the preconceptions that have plagued our ability to really move the innovation needle. As Lars talks about throughout this episode, we need to truly innovate around new products to really embrace AI. Why do we build websites that look like newspapers. Why do we compartmentalize data into centralized tables and databases instead of smaller, localized nodes?
This is a wide ranging and mind-blowing conversation with an incredible thinker in this space. His company is trying to help usher in a new era of business AI that helps alleviate some of the stresses a business feels. However, you can see his excitement when we talk about the future and how, in all likelihood, artificial intelligence will turn conventional business on its head.

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