Saturday, 2 February 2013

28% of Canadians Now Own a Tablet, Report Finds

28% of Canadians Now Own a Tablet, Report Finds

Tablet ownership is skyrocketing in Canada, a new report on tech trends has found.
According to the Media Technology Monitor, which conducts regular surveys to track the use of tech, has found that a whopping 28% of anglophone Canadians now own a tablet.
This rate of adoption is remarkably explosive. It's more than double the ownership rate of 12% found in late 2011. And it's seven times the 4% figure found in late 2010, the year that Apple first introduced the iPad. Last year, Apple launched the iPad Mini, which accelerated adoption.

More than 60% of all tablets owned by Canadians are iPads, according to the report. Less than 20% are Androids.
Adoption is significantly less prevalent among francophones, however. Just 17% currently own a tablet. They are also less likely than anglophones to own smartphones.

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