Friday, 16 January 2015

COMB releases state-of-the-art Audit technology

COMB (Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau) has launched a state-of-the-art process to synchronize all trading data between its systems and those of its OOH company members. 
COMB will issue 60,000 audit requests to its members in its first year of the program. The audits will verify that circulation, population and in-market percent values, used to calculate campaign impressions and reach-frequency, match COMB-approved figures.

As a condition of COMB membership, OOH companies must comply with the COMB Audit and the timely correction of data errors.

The audit software was built by The Siroky Group and includes a highly efficient synchronization process that instantly identifies anomalies for quick investigation and correction. 

COMB’s Chair of the Board, Julie Myers, explains: “COMB has invested tremendous resources to build a system that ensures OOH sellers deliver their campaigns with the highest level of accountability. This represents a new standard for other media to follow and, I would espouse, a competitive edge for COMB members.”


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