Thursday, 24 August 2017

Emirati Scientific Teenager Star Shines in Space... Ms. Alia Al Mansoori is Just 15!

Ms. Alia Al Mansoori
In a reception held at the United Arab Emirates embassy in Ottawa, his excellency ambassador Mohammed Saif Helal Al Shehi Ms. Alia Al Mansoori, winner of the national "Genes in Space Competition", sponsored by the UAE Space Agency, Boeing, and The National media outlet, that in the presence of many distinguished guests, Honorable Abdulhamid Alfailakawi, ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa, his excellency Abdul Karim Kaab, ambassador of the State of Iraq, the President of the Canadian Space Agency, Mr. Sylvain Laporte.

Mohammed Saif Helal Al Shehi,
Ambassador of United Arab Emirates
His excellency Mohammed Saif Helal Al Shehi expressed how proud the United Arab Emirates of Alia's achievement at such a young age: " as a testament to what our youth can accomplish - and with the support from government, civil society and our academic community, it is a key to our future nation's success." 

"Ms. Alia Al Mansoori a 15 years old teenager, a futuristic young woman from United Arab Emirates, whose passion is demonstrated in the studies on "how exposure to space affects the health of live organisms at cellular levels." The great news is that her experiment was launched into space last week from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, and will be tested by astronauts on the International Space Station. Alia's experiment has a significant number of applications, including researching diseases, and also determining if it is possible to test human genomes space, and that is something has never been done before." 

Mr. Sylvain Laporte,
President of the Canadian Space Agency
Alia inspires to become the first astronaut of the United Arab Emirates, and has intentions of studying at a Canadian university to reach her dreams. In his speech, Mr. Sylvain Laporte, president of the Canadian Space Agency,  congratulated Alia  saying:"Looking at you, at your age, getting into an area that is so scientifically challenging and requires a lot of knowledge and skill to get into, we here from a multinational perspective all take pride in the fact that youth today have accessed this kind of information and you are about bring new frontier". He continued: "Canadian instruments on Mars today", now the Canadian space scientists are working "to prepare ourselves and build new technology to allow human beings to go to Mars and come back safely." Mr. Laporte added: "For the last 20 years on the International Space Station, Canada has focused a lot of our research efforts in studying space effect on the human body."

Ambassador Al Shehi, emphasized on the great support that the United Arab Emirates government give to their "youth, science and innovation" and equally so, proudly supports the empowerment of girls and women in all spheres "over 70% of the UAE university graduates are women, and the UAE Parliament has one of the world's highest rates of female participation."

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