Ontario will not be reopening schools this spring amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Ontario cancels school year


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto
Ontario will not be reopening schools this spring amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Doug Ford confirmed on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters, Ford said Ontario is working hard to ensure that
child care centres can reopen once the province gets to its second stage of reopening.
“Nothing is more important than protecting our kids in this province, bar none over anything," said Premier Ford. "Today’s announcement gives parents certainty, knowing that their children can continue to learn safely at home and that we have a plan for child care as we work to gradually reopen more of our economy, when it is safe to do so”
All students who were on track to graduate from secondary school before the initial school closure order was made in March will be able to graduate, and all students will receive report cards. Later this summer, the government will announce a plan to strengthen learning and safety protocols to enable students and staff to return to in-class instruction for the 2020-21 school year. That plan will be bolstered by an enhanced province-wide virtual learning program that will allow all students to learn, regardless of the challenges that may transpire in the coming months.

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