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CFU slams systemic racism

Shady Salah – Media in Toronto

The Canadian Freelance Union condemns the systemic racism and Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous violence that is prevalent across the globe.

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the subsequent response to the protests that have seen people–including journalists–maimed, injured, and harassed for exercising their right to assemble once more demands that we act, we educate, and we recommit to anti-racism solidarity, the CFU said in a statement received by Media in Toronto.

The actions by the police, the state and various other bodies of authority have, by design, perpetuated a system of violence that has targeted Black, Indigenous and racialized people. This systemic Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous violence has deep roots in Canada. During the pandemic, at least nine Indigenous people have been killed during interactions with police.

Canada was built on genocide and the violence which is endemic has severe consequences for impacted communities, and all of us living on this land. After years of peaceful protests, one of the largest civil rights movements has once again been launched by Black and Afro-

Indigenous organizers and their allies. This movement has been created in response to a continuous lack of justice that has been left unaddressed for decades.

As most of our racialized members know, in both Canada and the United States, our police forces were created with the aim to control, through force, the Indigenous and non-white population. The RCMP was inspired by the quasi-military force–the Royal Irish Constabulary that Britain was using to oppress the Irish.

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