$826M to expand high-speed internet for all Quebecers


Ottawa and Quebec have reached an agreement to ensure all Quebecers have access to high-speed internet by September 2022.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier François Legault announced Monday they will split the tab on a total investment of $826.3 million to give an additional 150,000 Quebec households access to high-speed internet service.

Trudeau said that despite “long traditions in various parts of the country around standing up for your region by picking a fight with Ottawa,” there is also plenty of common ground. “One of the things we’ve seen through this pandemic is citizens want their various orders of government to work together,” he added.

“We have solved this problem, together, at last,” Legault said at a news conference where he praised Trudeau and his team for showing flexibility. “It is a historic agreement and a historic announcement.

“The internet is not a luxury. It’s like electricity was 60 years ago.”

The new funding — with half coming from each level of government — will be used to subsidize telecommunications companies. Those companies will be required to connect all households in specific regions to high-speed internet by fall 2022 and to charge those residents the same rates Quebecers pay in big cities.

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