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Alghabra confident in Trudeau’s plan


Newly appointed Transports Minister, Omar Alghabra, on Tuesday, expressed confidence in the liberal plan during these difficult times. “I’m a proud liberal. And for me, I will continue to support my colleagues continue to remain engaged in the party. I firmly believe in the leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau, particularly during these difficult times. I have enormous confidence in the plan that we have presented to Canadians. And whenever the next election will occur, I may not run as a candidate, but I’ll be out there knocking on doors supporting my colleagues and my friends, because I truly believe in Prime Minister Trudeau his vision for this country,” the new minister said in his first statement after Trudeau shakes up key cabinet positions earlier this morning.
“My love for Canada started when I first arrived as a as a student, where I, you know, worked at a donut shop midnight shift, and went to school where I worked at a gas station where I worked at a convenience store where I got my education at Ryerson University in New York University where I worked, various jobs in the private sector where I volunteered with many NGOs that that experience combined together what really drew my love for this country and for Canadians it’s someone like me who’s come here to this country as a student, with only a cousin,” he said.
“He was the only person who received me at the airport when I arrived to be now sitting at the cabinet of this great, if not the greatest country on earth to serve along giants along the Prime Minister Trudeau to serve Canadians to represent the people of Mississauga to represent the people of Peel to represent the various peoples of color and I’m a proud Syrian Arab Muslim.”
“I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m looking forward to serving the prime minister and Canadian,” the minister said.
Alghabra was previously the parliamentary secretary to the Minister of International Trade Diversification and will now be in charge of managing the transport file at a time when authorities are working to return the Boeing 737 Max jets to service after they were grounded following two deadly crashes.

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