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Canada has deep talent, knowledge to meet this challenge – MP


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Ali Ehsassi, said on Thursday, that Canada has both the deep talent and the breadth of knowledge to meet this challenge, and to support posts pandemic economic. Speaking at “Roundtable on Innovating at the Speed of the Crisis”, the lawmaker said that companies of all types and sizes have been infused

with passion and a commitment to do everything possible to help Canadians fight this virus, and to keep us all safe, whether it be, by way of retooling to produce personal protective equipment to leveraging technology to assist in eight physicians to offer digital health care services to developing vaccines and therapeutics Canadian innovators have stepped up to the plate in a very big and meaningful way.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for Canadian innovators, as many of you may have heard, Minister Bains likes to say, often and loudly that our approach to personal protective equipment has been by built”. “Essentially what you could refer to as a special niche for innovative SMEs to play a crucial role in developing much needed goods and services” he added.

“But while we’ve been building our domestic capacity to produce critical equipment to protect Canadians. We know that the only way out of this crisis is through science and innovation” he said. “I certainly can’t emphasise that enough, we have to continue to tap in to the experiences, and the know-how of innovators reinvesting aggressively in vaccine and therapy development to support Canada’s world’s leading scientists and the global race for a cure.”

“And we’re also, working to scale up our domestic bio manufacturing capacity, so we can be better prepared for future pandemics. So, by way of example, we’ve invested 790 $2 million through the strategic Innovation Fund to harness the power of Canadian firms in their varied efforts to develop vaccine and therapy candidates for clinical trials, as well as create by your manufacturing opportunities. This fund has been instrumental in driving innovation in the life sciences sector.”

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