DX3 to kick off next Tuesday to explore future post pandemic


DX3 Canada Season 10 #dx3canada will kick off next Tuesday with 56+ episodes streaming until March 5th.

Agenda 2021

This season the conference will explore, what will the future look like post pandemic and looking forward to what the transformative retail and marketing sectors will look like beyond 2020.

Over the past 10 years, DX3 has always been committed to the nexus of retail, marketing, and technology, and for the 10th annual event, DX3 is taking it a step further.

The retail landscape is evolving – success of the brand is no longer limited to the depth and breadth of inventory but instead has expanded into creating a safe and long-lasting experience for consumers. Buyers are looking for a more tailored and personalized experience, and marketing plays a crucial role in spreading this message.

Emerging technologies help to understand the data with analytical tools, navigate logistics, and enhance user experience. Technology is playing a critical role in reshaping the retail and media landscape in these changing times.

Speakers line-up



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