Egyptian Ambassador to Canada, Ahmed Abu Zeid, on Wednesday took part in the 10th round of political consultations that were held virtually between Egyptian and Canadian foreign ministries.

Canada, Egypt hold virtual political consultations


Ambassador Mahy Abdel-Latif, Assistant Foreign Minister for American Affairs, led the Egyptian side, while the Canadian was headed by Marta Morgan, the deputy minister of foreign affairs at Global Affairs Canada.

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The talks focused on ways to strengthen bilateral relations between Egypt and Canada at the political, economic and cultural levels. The two sides also discussed prospects for boosting trade exchange and increasing the volume of Canadian investments in Egypt, which has witnessed remarkable success during the recent period, as Canada comes in the 15th place according to the balance of foreign direct investment in Egypt, with 47.2 billion Canadian dollars until June 30, 2019.

They touched on increasing the pace of cooperation in the communications and technology sector, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, to benefit from the vast Canadian experience in this field, as well as the importance of stimulating tourism, cultural and scientific exchange.

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