Festival of Arab Music and Arts – Virtual – 2021


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This year The Canadian Arabic Orchestra is presenting the fourth edition of the Festival of Arabic Music and Arts in its virtual form, bringing amazing music to your home from March 26th to April 4 th supported by The Canadian Heritage, Ontario Arts Council and sponsored by IPG CPA , Elite Home realty Inc, Roman Zaman Damascene Cuisine and Marsa Tailored Mortgage Solutions.

Streamed performances on our social media accounts for artists from the Middle East and from Canada with fine music video productions recorded especially for our festival, preceded by a live chat with the artist connecting them with their audience here in Canada, capturing the audience to our social media accounts their lineup includes:

Oumeimah El Khalil

Oumeimah and Hani return with a duet specially prepared for FAMA and their fans in Canada; Hani’s piano prowess is matched by Oumeimah’s sweet voice who will both take us on another ethereal journey of love, peace and music.

Reem Ezz El Din tribute to Layla Murad

A young and beautiful talent will have her Canadian debut at FAMA, where she will be performing songs by Layla Murad from the early 20th century.

With her beautiful voice, Reem’s rendition of time immortal songs by one of the Arab World’s most loved female vocalists, will bring the Nile, Abdeen palace and the time of Pashas and Beys into our homes.

Route Bleue Oktoecho

An eclectic group out of Montreal, led by Katia Makdis, Octoecho will be the first group ever to bring French language songs to FAMA.

An original program with authentic Quebecois influences, prepared specifically for our festival, and another CAO fusion presentation.

For the Love of Music

CBC Radio Canada’s lead Arabic language radio host Colette Dargham speaks with two female icons of music. Julie Nesrallah, mezzo soprano, is a well loved opera singer who has toured Canada and wowed audiences from coast to coast to coast, and Suad Bushnaq, film and concert music composer, and winner of a Hollywood Music in Media Award. Both artists of Arab descent, both educated in Canada, each with a different passion and a unique journey will be sharing their career stories and their future plans.

Sufi Nights

Works by Rumi, Hallaj and others, brought to life by the soothing voice of Murshed Khaled. Murshed’s nuanced delivery of Sufi music is an experience that brings out the spiritual in the listener, and is true to the message of peace of the Sufi discipline

Linda Bitar From Damascus

From the Damascus Opera House, a voice sweeter than damascene jasmin, and more powerful than the currents of Barada, Linda Bitar and the Syrian Symphony Orchestra in a unique production specially for FAMA and the Canadian audience.


An instrumental marvel, where guitar strings dance to the tunes of a keyboard and percussion rhythms down a lane seldom travelled nowadays; a lane that begins in the orient, connecting immortal Arabic tunes with the best of the west, ending with a final stop at Elias Rahabani’s door in a tribute of hopeless love.

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