Fines facing those violating new rules amid COVID-19 pandemic


Shady Salah –  Media in Toronto

Ontario Police said they will be cracking down on people and businesses in Ontario found to be breaking new rules that limit certain services and gatherings of 50 people or more amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

OPP underlined that fines have been put in place to ensure the safety of the public including: Fail to comply with an order: Fine of $750. Obstructions of Person: Fine of $1,000. Corporations: Fine of $500,000.

“The OPP continues to… support the efforts of federal, provincial and local health authorities during the current situation involving COVID-19,” police said.

Upon the Declaration of Emergency, the following establishments have been required to remain closed until further notice:

All bars, restaurants, except facilities that provide delivery.

All facilities providing indoor recreational programs.

All public libraries.

All private schools.

All licensed child care centres.

All movie cinemas and theatres, including live performances, dance.

All concert venues.

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