Ford tells non-Ontarians to stay away


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto
Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, urged all non-Ontarians to stay at home and not to travel into his province, as Ontario has started to witness the good results of the tight health measures applied across the province. Ford made sure to make clear that social distancing measures are in effect for everyone right now, and it is absolutely not the time to be crossing provincial lines.
“We don’t want people right now coming across the border. I love Quebecers. I love people from Manitoba, but stay at home. The same goes for the U.S. as well — stay at home,” the premier told reporters Wednesday at his daily Queen’s Park teleconference.“It’s nothing personal. We can’t afford the spread of this virus here in Ontario. We’re doing so well. If you don’t live in Ontario, stay at home. When this is over, we welcome you with open arms, but we just can’ t risk it.” While expressing some optimism on a day when Ontario reported just 347 new cases — a 2.3 per cent increase — he stressed that “I’m not willing to roll the dice.”
Quebec Premier François Legault will begin opening his province’s elementary schools and daycare centres on May 11, as well as gradually allowing factories, retail stores, and construction sites to be up and running.
All Ontario schools are shut till at least June 1 and Ford’s vague “framework for reopening the economy” released Monday contained
no precise dates or timelines.

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