Government ready to close schools if it gets really bad – Lecce



Shady Salah – Media in Toronto

Ontario Education Minister, Stephen Lecce, said on Wednesday that the government is ready to close the schools if the Covid-19 situation got worse, noting that the government wants to keep them open with all possible precaution measures.

Speaking in a cultural media conference call, the minister said “God forbid it gets really bad and the province is advised by the chief medical officer to close schools I think I’ve demonstrated as a team we will listen to the science we will do whatever it takes to keep the kids safe, that’s why. In March, when I spoke to Dr. Williams within 75 minutes. We agreed with the recommendation and I was before announcing that we closed schools ahead of the March Break. So we’ll do it if it is required, but our aim, and our focus is to prevent that, by ensuring we put every layer of prevention in place which we have, and that we continuously scale up our plan. I announced two days ago an additional some additional investment 35 million to target those high risk communities”.

Schools in COVID-19 hot spots across the province — Toronto, Peel, York and Ottawa — will receive an extra $35 million in funding to hire more teachers and staff, boost cleaning or provide devices for families keeping their kids at home to learn. Mr. Lecce said the Toronto District School Board, the country’s largest, is in line for almost $9 million, which would enable it to “hire more than 120 teachers or a hundred more custodians, or 11,000 more technological devices.”

The Toronto Catholic board will receive about $3.4 million, the Peel public board about $5.8 million, the York public board about $4.8 million and the York Catholic board about $2 million, according to the ministry.

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