MBOT Disappointed as Business Shutdowns Continue


The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) on Thursday expressed its deep disappointment regarding the Government of Ontario’s decision to extend the Grey-Lockdown zone in Peel and further shutter businesses throughout Ontario.

DAVID WOJCIK CEO & President – Mississauga Board of Trade





“This announcement is yet another blow to hundreds of businesses in Mississauga that will not be able to re-open for the foreseeable future,” said David Wojcik, President & CEO, MBOT. “For some, this will mean more than five months of a complete shutdown. The Ontario Government owes these businesses further financial compensation that cannot wait. We understand the need for safety but these businesses have been closed far too long without adequate financial support.”

The lockdown once again penalizes personal care services, fitness centres, and restaurants, where there has never been evidence of COVID spread being linked to these businesses.

MBOT along with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) have been calling on Government to increase COVID vaccinations and create mobile, drive-through, and on-site facilities for businesses to vaccinate workers. The OCC stated, “Ontario’s business community is frustrated seeing our Southern neighbours being inoculated while we wait. The lack of vaccine supply means fewer vaccines in arms. Delays in distribution are heavy blows to businesses going through further restrictions and lockdowns. The lack of clarity, consistency, and predictability around what warrants changes in lockdowns adds to this growing frustration in Ontario.”

“Another month of this will surely lead to many more businesses closing in Mississauga. Enough is enough. The Federal Government needs to own this debacle and the Provincial government needs to allow business to be an active part of the solution” concluded Mr. Wojcik.


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