“Ontario Made” program to promote local products


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto
Ontario government has launched a new program “Ontario Made” aimed at promoting locally-made products as Ontarians begin their journey towards economic recovery.
Premier Doug Ford announced the “Ontario Made” program during a news conference on Friday saying the initiative would help residents better identify products made in the province.
“As we fight to get through the economic downturn, now more than ever, we need to support our own,” Ford said. “We can’t forget that as a province our collective buying power is massive. We generate 40 per
cent of the Canadian economy. We are titans of industry – and I know that every Ontarian is proud of what we do.” The Ontario Made program from Canadian Manufacturers’ Exporters (CME) will promote the many world-class goods that are made across the province by helping consumers easily identify, access and purchase local products.
Funding for Ontario Made is made possible through the $50 million Ontario Together Fund launched on April 1, 2020. This funding will be used to help retailers and consumers identify local products by:
1- Creating a new Ontario Made logo that manufacturers can use to help consumers identify their made-in-Ontario products. CME will also meet with major retailers to promote Ontario Made products in-store and increase visibility for customers.

2- Launching a new SupportOntarioMade.ca website that will connect consumers and supply chain partners to manufacturers of made-in-Ontario products through one directory.

3- Promoting Ontario Made through a digital newsletter to raise awareness of Ontario goods and products online and through social media.

“Over the past few months, plants and factories across the province retooled their operations to provide the front lines with the essential equipment needed in the fight against COVID-19, including PPE”  said Minister Fedeli. “As the province reopens and the economy recovers, it is now more important than ever to support and promote Ontario’s world-class manufacturing sector and get people back to work. By
supporting Ontario manufacturing, consumers are buying quality, locally made products.”
In March, the government launched the Ontario Together web portal to encourage companies to submit innovative ideas and ways to provide medical supplies, PPE and other essential equipment. To date, more
than 27,000 submissions have been received since the launch of the web portal and 18,000 leads have been converted into more than $658 million in purchases of emergency supplies.

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