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Portable COVID-19 test gets approval in Canada


Shady Salah – Media in Toronto
Health Canada has granted approval for the Hyris bCUBE to be used as a medical device for COVID-19 human testing. As a portable device, the Hyris bCUBE provides onsite and accurate results in minutes. This timely approval arrives as Canadians face rising COVID-19 cases and it supports the testing capabilities of provincial programs to meet demand. The bCUBE, created by UK-based Hyris, will allow people to be tested anywhere. The device is controlled by anything with an internet connection, like a smartphone. The bCUBE was previously approved and used for surface testing. Now, with Health Canada’s approval for human testing, more Canadians and businesses can access testing that is accurate, quicker and less invasive—wherever they are in the country. This is particularly significant for vulnerable or remote communities, businesses or industries, where access to onsite rapid testing is key.

“The bCUBE is a small, portable genomic biotechnology that is ideal for onsite, immediate test results” confirms Dr. Steven Newmaster, University of Guelph Genomics Professor. “We have validated the bCUBE after using it for several years in the food and natural products industry to identify pathogens, microbes, animal and botanical species ingredients.” Songbird Life Science says the approval for use on humans “addresses big gaps in testing capability and accessibility,” especially at a time when demand for testing is rising. “This is key to keeping the economy running and people safe, despite the ongoing pandemic. Test results in minutes is a game changer,”Deleo de Leonardis, co-founder of Songbird Life Science, said.

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