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In such times of unfortunate pandemic crisis HQ Media would like to step up and show our support to all Canadians. Such times of hardship shows, more than ever, how strong, connected and coherent our great nation is. It is definitely a tough time for our great nation and the world but we are full of hope that we will get from this crisis better, stronger and more coherent than ever.

We have been receiving an overwhelming number of queries on when our podcast will start and where should people tune into it. We want to inform you that our podcast was supposed to start in mid April. We had everything in place: the studio, the equipment, the topics and the people. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 unexpected crisis we lost on of the most important elements to the planned podcast: the studio and the equipment in it. Since then we are trying our best to find another solution as we respect and follow the best health practices of self-isolation and physical distancing to stop the spread of this dangerous virus. We have been testing some online meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and we believe we can do something here. It won’t be the high quality that our clients and audience known us for but it’s the best we can do in such times of crisis till everything goes back to normal, hopefully better than the normal we knew before.

That being said, we don’t believe we can stick to the mid April timeline and waiting till the lockdown is over, we currently are recording episodes from home using Microsoft Teams and we dedicated our first group of episodes to the COVID-19 crisis. We thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm and urge you to follow us on this page as we post updates on this matter and watch our online recorded episodes here. Till then we wish you all the best health and safety and appreciate your love and support. Keep safe, wash your hands, stay home and enjoy the time with your family and loved ones.

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