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Stay-at-home order lifted in 27 Ontario regions


A stay-at-home order has been lifted for 27 Ontario public health units on Tuesday.

The units will now return to the province’s COVID-19 colour-coded tiered ranking system used prior to a province-wide lockdown.

For his part, Ontario premier, Doug Ford, refused to commit to further travel measures as stay-at-home order lifted in most of province, saying that while “everything is on the table,” it may not be practical to implement further travel measures such as road checkpoints to prevent people living in lockdown areas from travelling to regions where the stay-at-home order has been lifted.

“It’s hard to police an area with close to 15 million people, the size of California and Texas,” Ford said on CTV’s Your Morning.

“There’s the reality. We can’t be putting roadblocks up on the Highway 11, stopping people from moving point A to point B. Everyone’s in this together … I rely on the people and the people have done a great job, the vast majority of the people, and I’m going to continue relying on the people to follow the guidelines of the chief medical officer.”

The province’s stay-at-home order was lifted on Tuesday in all but four of Ontario’s public health units—Toronto, Peel Region, York Region and North Bay Parry Sound District.

Public health units in areas where the stay-at-home order was lifted have transitioned back to the government’s colour-coded COVID-19 tiered framework, which governs what restrictions are in place in each region.

“I’d call it a transition, transition back into the framework. We’re still going to have the most restrictive restrictions right across the country,” Ford said. “We’re going to do this very slowly, we’re going to do it cautiously and we’re listening to our chief medical officer.”


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