Teachers have discretion to assess high school students – Lecce


Education minister Stephen Lecce, on Monday, said that teachers have some discretion to assess grade 12 students’ knowledge through essays, or through coursework.
“Educators have some discretion. They may assess students’ knowledge and their understanding of the materials through essays, or through coursework. Teachers have that discretion. But obviously, they’ll continue to be assessed and be given marks based on their performance and participation including in an online world,” Mr. Lecce responded to a question from MEDIAinTORONTO during a Cultural media press call.
“I think we’re all aware that this is not easy on the kids. So, the teachers have some discretion just to make sure to assess students. let’s not penalise the child that maybe online learning or etiquette exam in this particular environment or the pandemic is the right way to assess their knowledge or there are other ways to do it with integrity, and we know teachers will utilise that discretion,” he added. The minister also noted to the government’s plans to roll out asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at schools across the province, expanding on a pilot project targeting schools in areas with the highest rates of COVID-19 infection.

He underlined that as of today the government expanded the financial relief provided to families to help them decrease the impacts of the pandemic to include those who have high school kids from age 13 to grade 12.

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