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The Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity celebrating the International Women’s Day


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The Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity will be bringing some academic, business, social and community experts together at an International #Women’s Day Conference.

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with the following objectives:

1) Celebrate the progress of women thus far in the longstanding quest for Gender Equity & Equality.

2) Enlighten hundreds of female & male delegates on the most significant challenges women continue to face in their workplace and communities.

3) Empower hundreds of female & male delegates with the mindset, skillset and toolset to break through their challenges to personal success and socioeconomic and political impact.

4) Offer a roadmap to organizations that wish to develop a sustainable long-term strategy to achieve Gender Equity & Equality in their workplace.

5) Inspire hundreds of female & male delegates to rise above their individualistic concerns to join the global movement that is committed to eradicating even more despicable acts of violence, abuse and oppression against women and girls especially in countries that lack law and order.



According to UNICEF, gender equality “means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike.”

• Can you say that for sure about your academic institution, your business organization, your community and the nation?

• How far do you think Canada has come in the quest for Gender Equity and how far is left to go?

• How can organizations develop a strategy to manage, measure and achieve Gender Equity?

• What are some of the critical challenges mostly unique to women that we must know about and come together to ease and eliminate from our homes, schools and places of and worship.

• As a female, how can I strengthen my confidence to shatter whatever glass ceiling I am faced with?

• How can I effectively balance my dreams and desires with my personal, family and professional duties?

• How can I rise above myself to become an economic force and political voice for the next generation of women, to become a change agent and a beacon of hope?

• As a male, how can I protect my wife and daughters from the significant gender discrimination, harassment and inequities they are still encountering in Canada?

• How can I support the community, national and global movement to end gender inequities and inequalities in my place of work and worship, my community, college and country?

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