Trudeau to wind down CERB, expand employment benefits


Shady Salah – media in Toronto
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday unveiled a plan to wind down his flagship COVID-19 income support benefit and bring recipients into an expanded employment insurance system.
Trudeau confirmed the end of the popular COVID-19 emergency program Friday, saying the employment insurance system should cover every Canadian looking for work.
“Our goal is to transition everyone on the CERB to employment insurance,” he told reporters in Ottawa following a meeting with Public Health Agency of Canada employees. The move is part of an effort by the government to wean Canadians off the monthly aid and get them back into the workforce — a delicate task
for the governing Liberals. Pushing people off too quickly could come at a political cost and hamper the economic recovery. Moving too slowly could be just as risky, giving people a disincentive to get back to work. The CERB was launched at near-breakneck speed to triage claims to prevent the EI system from being overwhelmed. The emergency benefit is administered by Service Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency.

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