Beamsville’s Albright Manor forced to temporarily close 28 beds


Starting Monday, 18 residents of Albright Manor will be relocated to other parts of the Beamsville building as the organization deals with an ongoing staff shortage.

The long-term-care home let residents and families know this week that it would be closing its 3NE home area to help it deal with the staff shortage. The area was picked because it was already the lowest populated, and it’s expected to be fully closed by Friday, Aug. 12. There are 28 beds in the 3NE home area.

“Residents are our No. 1 priority, their safety and well-being is absolutely at the forefront,” said Ashley Haynes, interim CEO.

Haynes said they’ve been dealing with shortages for quite some time, and had been in talks with the government about the shortage for over 18 months. In an announcement the organization said it “went from a home that had an abundant supply of staff, to a home that is now very reliant on agency staff and overtime.”

“Personal support workers and RPNs (registered practical nurses) is where we’re seeing our greatest need to hire,” Haynes said.

The manor is continuing to follow what it calls a robust recruitment plan to ease the shortage, and hopes to be able to end the bed closures by the end of the year.

Albright is a non-profit organization that operates 231 long-term care beds. The announcement said the Ministry of Long-Term Care has been involved in discussions about staff shortages at Albright since as early as November 2020. Haynes said long-term care homes have received support in the form of funding and a hiring bonus for new PSWs.

The organization’s announcement recommended that family members increase visiting, communicating and support for loved ones who are relocating.

“Albright realizes that this is a very stressful time for the residents being moved. We are working closely with each resident, their families and the staff who have been taking care of them, to develop individual strategies to make the move as painless as possible,” said Haynes.

“We have assigned a specific member of our professional staff, who has an established relationship with each of these residents to provide one-on-one support for the next two months.”

Haynes said they are also encouraging and supporting staff from the 3NE home area to take time after the transition to visit and comfort the 18 residents that they know and care for.

He encouraged anyone considering a career in personal support work or nursing to consider Albright Manor.

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