Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

The canadian centre for diversity and inclusion currently living through unprecedented times. Virtually every organization we know has had its daily operations upended or disrupted in some way, including CCDI. We don’t know when life will return to normal.
COVID-19 is not an excuse to abandon inclusive principles. We have seen some reprehensible behavior as people allow their biases to show (and in many cases, this amounts to ‘full on’ racism) against people they perceive to be of Chinese descent (let alone any other east or southeast Asian country). Worse still, we see some broadcasters refer to the disease as the “Chinese Coronavirus.” People are fearful of going to Chinese restaurants out of fear of contracting the virus but seem totally fine with going to their favourite Italian eatery. My point is simple; at a time like this we must live mindfully and think even more about our words and actions. This virus doesn’t discriminate. Nor should we.
It is also important to continue to focus on education, and it’s a perfect time to take advantage of CCDI’s Employer Partner offerings. While we have postponed our UnConference events (in Mississauga, Montreal and Toronto), we will continue to offer our previously scheduled webinars, and previous webinars are available for on demand playback on our Knowledge Repository – including a great session on unconscious bias. Any employee of CCDI’s Employer Partners can access the Knowledge Repository by using their work email address and can simply search for “webinar” to find content. Consider encouraging people to leverage these resources to further their understanding of how they can be more inclusive.
We have also cancelled our upcoming spring Community of Practice series but that doesn’t mean learning can’t continue. On top of our exceptional eLearning offerings, we’re currently working on alternative delivery formats for both our COPEs as well as our instructor-led training content. If you’re interested in learning more about these alternative delivery methods, please contact us.
Now, more than ever, Canadians need to come together to ensure we continue to live in the most inclusive country on the planet. If diversity is Canada’s strength… inclusion is our superpower!
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