Ford asks Feds to suspend arrival of international students


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Ottawa will address a surprise request by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to suspend the arrival of international students into the province.

Trudeau said no other province has requested the measure and so Ottawa will work with Ford to formalize the request and see how it can be met.

During a press conference Friday, Trudeau acknowledged Ford’s request to suspend the arrival of international students to the province and confirmed they’ll be “reaching out to their officials today to formalize that request.”

“Premier Ford asked that we suspend the arrival of international students,” he said, adding, “because, at this time Ontario is the only province requesting this, we’re happy to work more narrowly with them.”

Canada closed its U.S. land and sea borders to non-essential travellers over one year ago in an effort to curb cases of the virus.

However, over the past few weeks, several provinces have called for tightened restrictions and measures when it comes to international travel to curb the spread of more deadly and transmissible COVID-19 variants spreading across the country.

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