Ford, Legault call for stricter measures at land, air border crossings


Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Quebec counterpart are calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to introduce “stricter” measures at land and air border crossings to ensure that all non-essential travel is “curtailed” amid a devastating third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The actions your government has taken to date are essential in continuing to limit the importation and spread of new variants of the virus. We fully support current measures taken, such as requiring a negative test from all passengers prior to boarding a flight or arriving at a land border, limiting the number of international entry points, and instituting new testing and quarantine measures upon arrival, but more must be done,” they say in the letter. “To protect the lives and well-being of our citizens, to ensure the health system is not further stretched, and to give time for the vaccine roll-out to protect the people Canadians, we need the federal government to further strengthen measures at air and land borders.”

“While it is crucial that the transport of essential goods is not hindered by border measures, it is likewise crucial that all non-essential travel be curtailed,” they say in the letter. “The introduction of stricter measures for travellers crossing at land borders is a significant step to achieve that goal and ensure that collectively we are doing all we can to protect our citizens.”


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