Ford to Leave For Washington, D.C. Monday To meet with Business Leaders


Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, will travel to Washington, D.C. on Monday to meet with top officials and business leaders south of the border.

At a time when the government is building Ontario and attracting more skilled workers, Ford will underscore the province’s important trading relationship with key U.S. partners as he advocates against harmful protectionist policies.

The premier will also re-affirm that Ontario is a safe and reliable jurisdiction for investment and business, read a press release.

“There’s never been a better time for companies to invest in the future of Ontario,” said Ford. “As we attract more skilled workers and build the roads, highways, bridges, and transit needed to move our economy forward, we’re meeting face-to-face with some of our closest partners to reaffirm the unrivaled potential of Ontario’s economy. That’s why it’s so important that we reject Buy American measures and instead keep working shoulder to shoulder to ensure that our highly integrated economies grow stronger than ever.”

To fuel economic growth and make Ontario the top destination for investment, Ontario is making historic investments, including building critical infrastructure such as roads, highways and transit to connect people, economies, and communities. To build a stronger economy that works for everyone, Ontario is investing in innovative programs that upskill workers and cutting red tape to make it easier for internationally-trained workers to fill critical jobs.

While in Washington, Ford and Fedeli will meet with key government officials, including Kirsten Hillman, Ambassador of Canada to the United States, Marisa Lago, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, and Daniel Watson, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for the Western Hemisphere. Their discussions will focus on how they can work together to protect and strengthen an integrated economy that employs millions of workers on both sides of the border.

They will also participate in a roundtable event hosted by the Canadian American Business Council, including members of the Premier’s Council on U.S. Trade and Industry Competitiveness, where they will discuss the importance of deepening Ontario’s trade relationship with the U.S. and promote Ontario as a safe and reliable destination for investment and jobs. Premier Ford’s opening remarks to the Canadian American Business Council will be livestreamed on his English Youtube channel.

“If Ontario were its own country, it would be the United States’ third-largest trading partner,” said Vic Fedeli. “Millions of jobs on both sides of our border depend on the unrestricted free trade between our jurisdictions and we look forward to meeting with our U.S. partners on this mission to promote a ‘Buy North American’ approach and strengthen our integral bilateral trading partnerships.”

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