Ontario’s Top Doctor says Timeline To Lift COVID-19 Restrictions Soon


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A timeline for lifting all COVID-19 measures in Ontario is coming soon, chief medical officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore said Thursday, noting that he won’t be giving in to any demands from protesters.

“I hope all Ontarians are watching the data as we are. It is showing a remarkable and rapid decline in risks to hospitalizations and risks to being admitted to intensive care units,” Moore told reporters, adding that he does not follow the news that often.

“Our approach in Ontario has always been to follow data and that data is showing very positive trends. We will always follow the data. No public health measures should be in place any longer than it has to be.”

Dr. Moore said also he was lifting Directive 2 as the province continues to see a steady decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

The directive was issued last month, ordering hospitals dealing with rising virus cases due to the Omicron variant to pause non-urgent and non-emergent surgeries and procedures.

The province said it will be taking a planned phased approach in the resumption of surgeries and procedures in public hospitals and will be in alignment with the guidance by Ontario Health.

The approach, Moore said, entails hospitals initially increasing surgical capacity to 70 per cent before slowly moving up to 90 per cent. And he hopes that surgeries will return to normal volumes in late March and April when Moore said he anticipates the province will be in a recovery phase.

Moore explained that the gradual approach ensures that hospitals will not be overwhelmed.

“We don’t want to suddenly open up all the doors and have our hospitals busy. We really need to understand some hospitals are still quite busy with COVID activity and there are regional variations in the level of COVID across Ontario,” he said.


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