PM Vows To Protect Canadians From Hate, Disinformation Flowing in Digital Space


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said hate and misinformation flowing in cyberspace must not be allowed to infect the minds of Canadians.

Trudeau made the comment Thursday during an international discussion on the Internet.

“There is no doubt: the digital space has incredible power for good. But from disinformation on vaccines to online extremism, we’ve also seen the threat it can pose to our democratic values, systems, and our citizens,” Trudeau said via video link from Ottawa to the Paris Peace Forum. “We can’t allow the benefits of the digital space to come at the expense of people’s rights or safety.”

The forum bills itself as an effort to revitalize global institutions, and is focusing this year on the vast inequalities exposed by the pandemic.

Trudeau says while the digital space has become a force for good it has also given rise to disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and extremism that pose a threat to democracy.

Trudeau was addressing a panel on the challenges of the digital domain after co-founding a new international program last year with French President Emmanuel Macron called the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence.


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