THP To Use Voyce Technology In DI Unit OF Mississauga Hospital


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 Voyce, an organization specializing in language interpretation services for healthcare patients, has allied with Trillium Health Partners (THP). Voyce’s virtual language interpretation app will be piloted in the diagnostic imaging (DI) unit of THP’s Mississauga Hospital site, marking the first time this innovative technology has been used in a Canadian hospital, Canadian Healthcare Technology reported.

“At Trillium Health Partners, we are investing in new approaches and innovations to create a new kind of healthcare for a healthier community,” said David Stankiewicz (pictured), vice president of information services, and chief information and privacy officer, at THP. “Ensuring strong communications between patients and their care providers is vital to us. With instant and broad language capabilities, and integration with our new digital health record system, Voyce can help to create efficiencies and ultimately enhance the patient care experience.”

Voyce provides specialized video remote interpretation using professional interpreters with specialized training in over 235 languages and dialects. As part of the pilot program, CT scan patients in the Mississauga Hospital’s DI unit, who need interpretation services, will be given tablet devices equipped with the Voyce app.

These patients will be able to speak directly with an interpreter, virtually, who can then translate in English to their THP healthcare provider in real-time. The pilot program will run for 90 days and will be assessed based on a variety of criteria including patient and staff feedback on ease of use, ease of access, and the quality of interpretation services provided.

“At Voyce, we leverage the power of technology to deliver human language interpreter services for health care professionals and their patients. In this exciting new partnership with Trillium Health Partners, Voyce will support the hospital in meeting the language requests of its diverse patient population,” said Andrew Royce, CEO of Voyce. “Together, we are working to improve health equity and access to care for patient populations in need.”

THP serves one of the most diverse communities in Canada, with over 55 countries represented, more than 130 languages spoken, and over 18,000 newcomers from outside the country arriving each year. More than 7,700 hours of language interpretation services were provided to patients at THP in 2020. The pilot program with Voyce represents an important step in THP’s efforts to ensure their teams have the right tools to support the highest quality of care.

Voyce is a technology company deeply committed to helping people in need facing language barriers, enabling them to easily and quickly communicate and get help. Its professional and qualified language interpreters provide interpretation across a variety of technology and telehealth platforms in 235+ languages and dialects, including American Sign Language. Across Canada, the U.S., U.K., and globally, Voyce supports thousands of sessions a day providing language assistance to those in need.

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